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Продаю лицензию Adobe Photoshop CS6 [19 Mar 2013|05:58pm]

Добрый день, по стечению обстоятельств у меня 2 лицензии Adobe Photoshop CS6. Личную лицензию я приобрел пол года назад за 25 933.14 в Softkey.ru, вторую лицензию (расширенная Adobe CS6 Master Collection) я получил в рамках инструментов курса в Hyper Island.
Таким образом первая лицензия мне не нужна и я готов продать ее дешевле любому желающему.
Передача лицензии будет на ваш аккаунт через Adobe.

Если вы заинтересованы пишите на nikita@rvachev.ru

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1 set [13 Sep 2012|11:02pm]


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[13 Feb 2012|02:14pm]


here at yukansnow
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Hi-Res Floral Brushes [05 Jan 2012|03:19pm]


_2 PSD+ATN  
_1 Action - 2 Effects
_1 PSD Coloring
_1 Brush Set
_4 Curves
_Tutorial - Curves
_for Photoshop CS+
_Credit is not required. But Greatly appreciated. :)
I wanna feel you motto... ) @ psdfactory
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[29 Sep 2011|10:43am]

My Newest Brushes!

Download here</center>
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Techy Photoshop Brushes [24 Sep 2011|09:12am]


1 Set of 25 Techy design brushes for Photoshop.

Download info here on my site.

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phrases [29 Jul 2011|03:20pm]


here @ trapne 
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+6 packages! [20 Jul 2011|12:41pm]

4 icon textures packages!
2 .abr brush set (grunge - messy lines)
all I'm asking for? credits, nothing else!

download all the packages here @ trapne 
no password, no friends-only, no restrictions \o/
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"Miles Away" icon brushes. (PS7,image pack) [30 May 2011|11:24am]


right this way..
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[03 May 2011|03:28pm]

_locked in 24hrs <3
JOIN , if you want for updates you can WATCH, but some of the content will be locked :]
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[28 Apr 2011|03:45pm]

The president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev in telephone conversation with the prime minister of Japan Naoto Caen has presented condolences in connection with the heavy act of nature which has comprehended Japan. Conversation has taken place at the initiative of the Russian side.

Let's remind, earlier Medvedev already expressed соболезования in connection with earthquake in Japan: it has made a public statement and has directed to the prime minister of the country the telegramme.

During conversation of the head of two states also have discussed parametres of the help to the Japanese party.

It is informed that Dmitry Medvedev and Naoto Caen have agreed upon contacts at all levels to solve questions of possible additional assistance of the Russian side in connection with consequences of act of nature in Japan.

As informed «Actual comments», earlier gratitude to Russians for solidarity and assistance the ambassador of Japan in Russia has expressed Masaharu Kono.

Let's remind, right after act of nature in Japan Dmitry Medvedev has declared that «Russia is ready to render to Japan the necessary help in overcoming of consequences of the occurred tragedy».

Today the first group of the Russian rescuers by the plane Silt-76 of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia has arrived from Moscow to Japan.
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request [07 Mar 2011|08:30am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if any you has seen this brush before:

I hope someone can help me. Thanks!

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Fashion-Graphic Brushes [26 Feb 2011|04:15pm]


HERE @ serenbutter 
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15 Snowflake Brushes =) [18 Jan 2011|03:09pm]


seashell brushes + image pack

Download it Here

  When you're there please leave a comment in my guestbook before taking.
I enjoy hearing from you.

Thanks!  =)
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Nature Brush Set 1 [17 Dec 2010|05:50pm]


My latest work

23 brushes

Download links here

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Wreath of roses [13 Aug 2010|02:47pm]
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[24 Jul 2010|02:22pm]

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Seashell Brushes =) [02 Jul 2010|11:47am]


seashell brushes + image pack

Download it Here

  When you're there please leave a comment in my guestbook before taking.
I enjoy hearing from you.

Thanks!  =)
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[30 Jun 2010|05:47pm]

I'm sorry to bother (not sure if this kind of posts allowed)
I'm looking for a set of brushes created here Kihaad; apparently she has deleted their links, and the cd where I kept  it was damaged. Can anyone help?
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14 | brushes [13 Jun 2010|02:02pm]

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